Music in Norwich By Post – a new service

Music in Norwich cover September 2021 edition

Get Music in Norwich by Post

Get the latest edition of Music in Norwich delivered straight to your door – by post

‘The most useful guide to what’s On music-wise in Norwich and Norfolk. It’s so handy to carry around – I have really missed it during the pandemic’

The constraints of Covid means picking up printed material is harder than usual – venues are restricted and we are just going out less – making active choices is more important.

To make it easier to find out what’s on, you can now order both Music in Norwich (and its sister Art in Norwich) by post – visit the website, pay the postage and get your very own copy delivered to your door.

Go to or
email find out how to get your copy for the price of a stamp.

If you don’t like ordering online, please get in touch via or call 07946261651 for an alternative way to get a hard copy of Music in Norwich