The Music in Norwich group started in 2004 with some seed funding from the Arts Council and Norwich City Council to build audiences and better communicate the wealth of music offered in the city. With a large number of active groups it was also important to develop an anti-clash calendar for music promoters and groups in the city, and a greater awareness of planning and programming.

The universal agreement was to produce a joint music listing calendar which would show the composite offering of classical music in the city as well as enabling all members to be informed of each others plans and activities. The aim is to promote music more widely across Norwich, Norfolk and the country.

The partner groups work together to produce and distribute this booklet, co-ordinated by Marion Catlin of Culture Shift Norwich.

The group also meet regularly on Zoom to discuss programming and any issues that might affect the production and performing of music in the county. Please get in touch if you wish to be included at he email address below.

Inclusion isn’t free, each ‘member’ that is included pays a page rate (currently £105 for a listing page and £165 for a feature page) which includes web and social media promotion. In each issue there are normally some pages which can be discounted to help an event or small group to get started so get in touch.

You can email at info@theshiftnorwich.org.uk or call 07946 261651

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  1. I am a member of Norwich Music Group and we regularly perform twice yearly in St. Peter Mancroft. How do we arrange for our concerts to be included in the Music In Norwich booklet? We have a good following in the city and it is a matter of regret that we are not included in the listings. Thank you. Anna Cottrell

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