Saturday 6 November 2021, 8pm

Chopin 24 Preludes plus Q&A and signing of CD

The charismatic Venetian pianist GLORIA CAMPANER is in Norwich this weekend for concerts at St Andrew’s Church, Eaton, as part of the HOSTRY FESTIVAL, and The Chapel Park Lane.
The chapel is sold out but there are still a few seats available for the Saturday evening programme at St Andrews Church near Waitrose in Eaton (not St Andrew’s Hall)

  • £18/£15 (CONCS)

International pianist Gloria Campaner is making a welcome return to Norfolk, with the Hostry Festival inviting her to be Artist in Residence for our 10th anniversary.

Programme: A medley of the best arias and melodies by Rachmaninov, Taffanel, Zandonai andTchaikovsky. It celebrates Paolo and Francesca’s love story as described in Dante Alighieri’s 5th Canto from the Inferno of the Divine Comedy.This piece has been arranged by Pietro Lioto commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of 14th Century Italian poet, writer and philosopher Dante Alighieri and it is dedicated to Gloria Campaner.

Chopin 24 Preludes Recital followed by a post-concert Chopin Lucky Dip: 24 written questions/24 answers+ CD signing

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