Stylish Singing Weekend – an opportunity to learn a Baroque singing style through a weekend masterclass in July

There is an opportunity for up to 8 people to attend a weekend singing course at the end of July which will help aspiring and accomplished singers to explore performance and singing within the baroque style. The tutors are partnering up with players from Norwich Baroque, who will provide accompaniment for the students, both in rehearsals and a final concert performance. This is to allow students to familiarise themselves with the different sound world of baroque instruments and also to learn from their phrasing and playing style, a feature that makes this course slightly unusual.

The organisers will be offering one full bursary and two partial ones for students either in restricted financial circumstances, or who might particularly benefit from the course. To qualify for a bursary, we are asking applicants to provide a letter from their teacher, conductor or a colleague of standing in support.

Attached is a PDF giving the full details of the course .
Stylish Singing Baroque Weekend PDF (1) (1) (1) (1)

 How To Apply
Applicants are asked to visit the ‘STYLISH SINGING  BAROQUE WEEKEND’ page on FaceBook.  By clicking the BOOK NOW button , you will be connected directly to the Application form. For further information, please send a message via our FaceBook page.

Alternatively please contact Judith on

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