Sistema in Norwich Summer Concerts 14/15th July at Octagon Chapel 7pm

This week is one of the rare opportunities to see the growing number of Sistema orchestras playing in Norwich. There are now 4, as the older children, some of whom have been on the programme for 6 or 7 years have formed the new Colegate orchestra and have been coached by new musical director Juan Gabriel Rojas who has come to Norwich from Venezuela via Portugal and Belgium to direct the programme and orchestras in Norwich bringing valuable experience and orchestral knowledge with him, as well as his partner Firdevs Eke who is also a pianist and composer – we are very privileged to have them here.

The other orchestras, Sarah Glover and Harriet Martineau take the middle age and experience groups and the newest orchestra, Thomas Browne orchestra is only a few months old.

Space  in the Saturday concerts is limited but Juan Gabriel, Marcus Patteson and the whole Sistema team would love to see you on Friday night, tickets from


Sistema Summer Concert 2017.jpg

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