Birthday greetings to Roger Rowe

Today is the birthday of Roger Rowe who has now reached a venerable age but is still very active member of the Norfolk and Norwich Chamber Music Club. With a real talent for programming and relationships with many of the most prestigious chamber groups and performers who he has brought to Norwich from across the country, Europe and further afield to either John Innes Centre or his very own venue, the Chapel at Park Lane, he has been the mainstay for many years.

Very few people have contributed so much the music scene in Norwich and I am sure that he will continue to do so but he did announce a year ago that he would be stepping back from the organisation of NNCM on his 80th birthday so various people have stepped in to share the load of work that Roger has managed more or less single-handed for many years, including a new chair Andrew Bulman and programming will be led by Mischa Donat.

Tonight is a special concert of the Borodin Quartet in honour of Roger and to mark his birthday. Many people will be there to wish him the very, very happiest birthday and pay tribute to his musical and organisational prowess.

Happy Birthday Roger!!!

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