Tribute to Prelude Records closing 25 March 2017

At the last Music in Norwich Forum meeting there was a unanimous resolution to express our thanks and gratitude to Andrew Cane and his team at Prelude Records who have been a  central hub and source of classical music in Norwich for over 30 years.

Everyone at the meeting was sorry to acknowledge the loss that this shop will be both as a source of music expertise but also for ticket sales and information exchange, publicity.

For many organisations, Chris Duarte at St George’s Music Shop in St George’s Street, Norwich near St Andrew’s Hall has stepped in to provide walk-up and telephone ticket sales, whilst Theatre Royal has filled the gap for others.

But all will miss Andrew and Prelude nevertheless – here is his message to the public about the closure.

Prelude Records Closure

It is with deep sadness that we have to inform our many loyal customers that Prelude Records will close its business on Saturday 25th March 2017. We have explored every possible avenue to avoid this, but sadly increasing costs and huge changes in the record industry have made closure inevitable.

Website orders will be processed up until midnight on 17th March.

It has been such a pleasure sharing with you our deep love of music over the last 31 years.  Norwich is one of the few places in the UK to have kept its specialist classical record shop for so long, and that is thanks to you – our amazingly supportive customers.

Thank you all for your custom and encouragement over the years.

Andrew Cane

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