Friday 23rd October at Norwich Arts Centre ‘This is Senegal’

‘This is Senegal’
featuring…..Modou N’Diaye & The Golden Kora Band + Abdoulaye Samb + Sefo Kanuteh
Master drummer and kora player Modou N’Diaye Cissok who is a member of the internationally reknowned Cissokho family of griot musicians from the Casamance region of Southern Senegal.
As a virtuoso drummer and percussionist with a superb repertoire of rhythms, he plays a variety of instruments ranging from djembe, sabar and talking drum to his leading instrument, the 22 string kora (West African harp).
Before the time of pen and paper in West Africa, it was the role of the Cissokho Griot family to preserve the region’s history by passing on stories of creation and culture through song. Entrusted by the Royal Mandingue Empire as advisers since the 14th century, Modou’s family are still notorious for producing the most highly-skilled musicians in Senegal’s southern region.
These traditional influences continue to inspire his music today whilst allowing him to collaborate with modern ensembles of electric bass and drumkit producing the updated Senegalese sound.
“This is Casamance Rock, 700 years of griot history plugged into an amplifier.” – Glyn Phillips,
Support from
Abdoulaye Samb and Sefo Kanuteh
Friday 23rd October
Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedicts Street, Norwich
Tickets £10 –
Doors 7:30pm
01603 660352

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