New calendar out now!

The newest edition of Music in Norwich is out and available from members, venues and from the Tourist Information Centre, St Andrew’s Hall, the arts marketing racks around the city and downloadable on this site as an electronic file.

Get your free copy and keep it handy in your briefcase, handbag or on your noticeboard

About musicinnorwich

Music in Norwich is a website which offers a roundup concerts in and around Norwich. All of the music groups and venues have their own websites but this site gathers together most of the orchestral and chamber music concerts, organ recitals and choir performances. It is a maintained on a volunteer basis by Culture Shift Norwich as part of the Music in Norwich Forum, a collective of music organisations in Norwich
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2 Responses to New calendar out now!

  1. Mary Rae says:

    I wrote to you some time ago and asked to become a member and how to advert our concerts, I was very disappointed that I did not get a reply. Please could you elp me now.

    Mary Rae
    Octagon Concert Series Organiser

    • Hello Mary
      Apologies if you didn’t hear back but I am sure I did reply to you some time ago -certainly I remember your message, although there were two or three at around the same time so it is possible that I am wrong.

      We produce the calendar twice a year – in July/August for September-April and February/March for April- September. And we meet twice a year to discuss plans, partnerships and the like with each other. Each partner contributes a pro-rata sum to the calendar, currently £80 per page. The number of pages depends on the number of concerts and images in the listing style – as a partner, you adhere to this in terms of format and spacing. This rate also buys an inclusion in the partner pages and the at a glance pages. It is also possible to buy an ad page for £85-£150 depending on the nature of the organisation and whether or not artwork is supplied. Also included is a basic website (this one) and Twitter feed plus as much extra promotion that we can do as a group. The ethos is to co-market each other’s concerts. If you are still keen, please let me know and I will make sure that you are invited to the next meeting which will be in January.
      Best regards

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